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Images of the King

World Championship

In 1987 the King’s veterinarian Edward “Doc” Franklin made the modern ETA
community a reality when he established the event known as IMAGES. The event, which includes an internationally recognized ETA contest and showcases, has crowned thirty-two World Champions who have gone on to be recognized as the top ETAs performing today. As part of our goal to return Images of the King to its former glory, we have developed the following pledge in order to outline our intent:


● We pledge to always put the fans first, it’s because of them that we do what we do.
● We pledge to treat the performers, be they headliners or contestants, with respect and dignity.
● We pledge that our contests will always be fair and that our judges will be as professional,
knowledgeable and as prepared as possible.
● We pledge that we will treat anyone producing an Images of the KingTM preliminary, our Sponsors and
Patrons, as partners.
● We pledge to treat our champions as champions, promote them and help them advance their careers.
● We pledge to #BringBackTheKing. Celebrating his life, legacy and music is the reason we have
these events in the first place.

To ensure that the contest is inclusive, the World Championship has three divisions, professional, non-professional and youth. Monetary prizes are awarded to the top five in the professional and non-professional division. All participants in the youth division will leave with a small monetary stipend and recognition of their participation.

The 2020 Images of the KingTM World Champion will receive a Prize Package including:

An $8,000 appearance contract for shows throughout the following two years including a return trip to Memphis to celebrate their victory.
Media and promotional assistance from Tribute Promotions

Images of the KingTM World Championship will offer the following monetary prizes:

Professional Division
1. $2,500
2. $1,000
3. $600
4. $300
5. $150


Non-Professional Division
1. $1,000
2. $500
3. $325



For ETAs interested in participating:

For general information on our contests for the ETAs, click here.
For detailed rules & guidelines, click here.
For our 2019/2020 registration form, click here.
Contact Terry Collins via email with any questions or to submit your registration form: