In 2010 the first Pocono Mountains Festival was held.  The event ran for four years until our host property closed for good, at which time the festival moved to Ocean City Maryland.  In 2019 the new Ocean City Tribute Festival took over, but we still honor the winners of the past events upon which this event was built.

2010 Poconos Champion: Ben Portmouth

2011 Poconos Champion: Mark Anthony

2012 Poconos Champion: Dwight Icenhower

2013 Poconos Champion: Michael Chambliss

2014 Ocean City Champion: Doug Church

2015 Ocean City Champion: Tim E. Hendry

2016 Ocean City Champion: Diogo Light

2017 Ocean City Champion: Brycen Katolinsky

2018 Ocean City Champion: Diogo Light

2019 Ocean City Champion: Bruno Nesci

2021 Ocean City Campion: Jimmy Holmes