The information that follows is subject to change without notice. 

For detailed information, click here for the Schedule of Events.



The weekend ticket bundle includes tickets to all of the events below.  For individual event tickets click the link after each of the listings below.

      • EP IN THE 1950’s on Thursday, July 14 at 8 PM CLICK HERE
      • FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD on Friday, July 15 at 1 PM CLICK HERE
      • EP IN THE 1960’s on Friday, July 15 at 8 PM CLICK HERE
      • LIVE FROM THE VEGAS SHOWROOM on Saturday, July 16 at 1 PM CLICK HERE
      • EP IN THE 1970’s on Saturday, July 16 at 8 PM CLICK HERE
      • SPECIAL VIP EVENT on Sunday, July 17 at 11 AM CLICK HERE
      • GRAND FINALE CONCERT on Sunday, July 17 at 3 PM CLICK HERE

The Sam’s Town box office has limited scheduling information for these events. If you need any help with details on the WEEKEND TICKET BUNDLE, ticket information or scheduling, call the Festival Hotline at 1-888-406-5885.

The Sam’s Town Live venue seats 764 people.  The theater will be divided into three sections.  Our Platinum Reserved Table Seating Section is made up of 30 tables with 10 chairs each.  These are the 300 best seats in the house. The remaining 465 seats are on risers in the back of the theater.  The first several rows will make up our Gold Reserved Seating Section.  The rear rows will make up the Silver Reserved Seating Section.

Please use the diagram and photograph below to determine which seating section is right for you.  Please note that unlike at most of our shows, the seats at the tables will be numbered 1-10 according to the diagram below.  Also please note that no seating section in the house is more than 70 feet from the stage.

Tickets for all events are available as a TICKET BUNDLE which enables you to purchase all shows together at a deeply discounted price. Tickets to individual shows are also on sale.


      • Silver Ticket Bundle $199.00 (a $260 value)* each
      • Gold Ticket Bundle $249.00 (a $400 value)* each
      • Platinum Ticket Bundle $299.00 (a $540 value)* each

*Las Vegas entertainment taxes and various fees will be added to the ticket price.  This is Vegas, taxes and fees can run high!  Be prepared.

For individual event pricing, click here for the Schedule of Events.