Seating Information

VIP seating is going on sale on August 9 at 10 AM (EST) and will only available online by clicking here!


Royal Caribbean has requested that our guests DO NOT line up outside the performance space prior to the doors being open.  Please respect their request and only arrive at the performance space at the time indicated in the program you will receive on board.


On the back of the pass your receive once on board, you will find the letter A, B or C. This letter indicates your Priority Seating Group. For selected shows one of the seating groups will be allowed to enter the theater early, following the VIPs. After everyone present in the Priority Seating Group is admitted, the rest of our guests will be welcome. Priority Seating Groups for the shows are indicated on the Show Schedule in the program you will receive once on board.


Up t0 48 VIP seating passes will be sold for this year’s cruise for $250 each. Although VIP’s will be allowed to enter first, your seat will be held for you no matter if you are early or late.  When you purchase your VIP pass online, you will be able to select row A, row B, row C or row D (We assume most will select row A, but once it’s full, rows B-D will also be available.  There are only 12 seats in each row (see the picture below).

VIP seating is going on sale on August 9 at 10 AM (EST) and will only available online by clicking here!


We are posting this as a way of addressing some of the comments on the surveys over the past several years. We would love to pick the exact time and location of each of our shows for the entire week, assuring you the best shows possible. But unlike at most of our festivals, on the cruise the cruise company gives us the times and locations they have available. Generally, our only choice is to say yes or no. Luckily, or relationship with RC has given us a lot of leeway. We have contacted other cruise lines, and not been offered anything as generous.

Most of our shows are held in Studio-B because its one of only two rooms that can accommodate our group on the ship. We would LOVE to use the theater, but unfortunately it’s occupied every evening and the only way to use it under most cases is to have our shows at midnight. I don’t think anyone would like this. Guests on past cruises have enjoyed our lounge shows, and we will hopefully be able to offer more of these, but remember, lounge show seating is limited and everyone will not fit.

Finally, we like to produce one or two public shows while on the boat for three reasons. First, it’s a great way to introduce new audiences to what we do in an attempt to grow our Elvis family. Second, it’s a great way of showing the other cruisers what we do so there are less questions and less odd looks from the ships other guests at our group of talented performers. Third, RC is very generous with our group and we do the public shows to give something back to the cruise company. They are always very pleased that we offer this in our negotiations with them.

I hope this all makes sense. We always try to provide the best and we hope that those of you who have attended multiple cruises see it getting better every year!

TCB, Tribute Promotions