Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the recent email updates available online?

Email updates for the 2025 cruise will be posted here after they are set out.  If you’d like to review the email updates from past cruises, they are linked at the bottom of this page.


Is a payment plan available?

Yes. Fill out the Additional Payments form and indicate that you would like to pay monthly.  Your credit card will automatically be charged on or around the 1st of each month in equal installments with final payment being charged when due.

Can I make a one time payment towards final payment?

Yes.  You can do so at any time by submitting the Additional Payments form

Can we book the cruise on our own and then pay for the entertainment package?

No. Our arrangement with Royal Caribbean requires that you book through Go Travel.  This arrangement is what allows us to use the performance space and is non-negotiable.

What time is dinner?

All of our guests are signed up for dinner at 5 PM so they can enjoy the evening of entertainment.  Closer to the cruise, we will send out an inquiry asking if you’d like to sit with anyone at your table.  At that time we can create seating groups of up to 6 people.

How do I purchase excursions or drink packages?

Information on excursions and drink packages can be found through Royal Caribbean’s “Cruise Planner.” We are recommending that all of our guests only book excursions through Royal Caribbean. The reason for this is that RC tracks its guests and will hold the ship if your officially endorsed RC excursion is late in returning. The other reason is that RC more closely monitors the excursion operators for health and security purposes. To book your excursion or purchase your drink package, visit You will need your reservation number and your login information if you have previously registered. If you have not previously registered you can create an account in minutes. If you can’t manage to book your excursion online, you may call the RC Cruise Planner at 1-800-398-9819.

I have someone who would like to come on the cruise with me, but they are not interested in coming to the tribute entertainment shows.  Do they have to pay the entertainment fee?

No.  Additional people in your room, or others in a separate cabin, may opt out of the entertainment fee, but they will not be allowed in to see the shows we produce.  They will still be able to enjoy all of the entertainment provided by the cruise.

Are gratuities included in the price on the website?

No, gratuities are not included but can be added at a cost of $126 per person (as of Oct 2023) for the entire cruise.  If they are not paid in advance, they will be charged to your account on board.  The gratuities cover your room attendant and dining room waiters only.  If you purchase a drink package, that will include gratuities for the bar staff.  Additional tipping is always appreciated, but not necessary.  If you would like gratuities included in your final payment, indicate such when you submit your booking form.

Is travel insurance included in the price on the website?

No, travel insurance is extra.  If you wish to purchase travel insurance, indicate such when you submit your booking form.

What does travel insurance cover?

There are three costs associated with your cruise that can be insured.
1. The cost of your cruise
2. The cost of your flight
3. The Entertainment fee

Insurance for the cost of your cruise
What we are offering is Royal Caribbean’s Travel Protection program on the cruise only portion of your trip. This includes cancellation insurance and medical coverage. For the complete details, visit: Please read through this information so you are clear on what is covered and the conditions under which it is covered.

The cost of this insurance is based on the total cost of your cruise only. Prepaid gratuities, taxes and fees will always be refunded if you cancel your cruise. The insurance fee will be added to the total cost of your cruise, will appear on your next invoice from us and will be due with final payment.

Insurance for the cost of your flight
We recommend buying insurance on your flight directly through the airline when purchasing your airline tickets. When you purchase your flights online, you are always asked if you want travel insurance. Select yes and the price of the insurance will be added to your bill before you pay. You can check the details of cover through the airlines website.

Insurance to cover the entertainment fee
We are offering insurance on the entertainment fee for $40. If you should cancel your cruise for any reason, the insurance will allow you to roll your entertainment fee over until the next year, or receive a refund. The $40 fee will be added to your Entertainment Fee and due with final payment. It will be billed from Tribute Promotions, just like your Entertainment Fee.

If you are interested in insuring the cost of your cruise through Royal Caribbean and/or the Entertainment Fee through us, please complete this form:

After final payment insurance is no longer available through us.  To see about insurance through Royal Caribbean, visit:

Are COVID vaccinations required?

No.  Vaccinations are not required for our cruise.  Testing is also, no longer required.

How is seating handled at the shows?

Please see the “Seating Info” page on the website for all the details on VIP and Priority seating.

Can I bring water, soda or alcohol on board?

Yes. Each stateroom may bring up to two 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne, as long as one guest is of legal drinking age, Guests may also bring non-alcoholic beverages as carry-on items on boarding day. Non-alcoholic beverages may not exceed 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom.

I heard everyone stays at a hotel the night before. Can you book this for me?

We will have a host hotel. Once final arrangements are made, we will advise all booked guests and post the information here.  You will need to call the hotel and make your room reservation using our special rate code.

How do we get from the hotel to the port?

We will offer transfers from the hotel to the port and back for $35 per person, each way.   Returns to the airport from the cruise ship will be purchased directly from Royal Caribbean while you are onboard.  More information will be provided in the email updates.

Why do you ask for our “Preferred Performer” on the booking form?

The Preferred Performer program is a way for us to get the entertainers to help promote the cruise by offering them an incentive of $25 for every cabin they fill. Only one Preferred Performer can be selected per cabin.

Can I change my “Preferred Performer”?

No. You cannot change your Preferred Performer once you submit your booking form so please make sure to include it. As mentioned above its a way for us to measure which entertainer convinced you to attend so just because an entertainer you like better is added after you’ve booked, it’s still the original entertainer that generated the booking.

What if I don’t want to select a “Preferred Performer”?

That’s OK.  It indicates to us that you like the entire line up of entertainers and don’t want to single one out.  However, no performer will get the $25 incentive.

I will be driving to the port.  What time does the ship leave?

Currently the ship is scheduled to depart at 4:00 PM with everyone onboard by 2:00 PM.  If you are driving in, you may want to confirm the departure time the day prior.

I’m flying in the day of departure.  What is the timing I need to follow when making my airline reservation?

We strongly suggest you fly in the day prior.  Winter weather and standard delays may cause you to miss the ship.  If you miss the ship, unless your airfare is booked with Royal Caribbean, you cannot join the ship at the next port of call and it will result in loss of all your money.  This is why we strongly recommend travel insurance, which covers flight delays and trip interruption such as bad weather.  If you insist on flying in the day of departure, you will need to make sure you can get to the ship in time for departure.

I’m flying out on the date of return.  What is the timing I need to follow when making my airline reservations?

We recommend you do not book your flight leaving before 1 PM.

What are the dates of the 2026 Tribute Cruise?

The 2026 Tribute Cruise is tentatively scheduled to sail from Fort Lauderdale on from February 21 to March 1, 206 aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas with stops in Aruba, Curacao and the Bahamas!

Can we review Email Updates from Past Cruises?

Here are the links to the email updates from the 2023 Tribute Cruise:

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