Memphis, Tennessee

There will be no Heart of the King Awards held in 2024.

What is Heart of the King? What are the Heart of the King Awards? It’s about heart. It’s about a legend. It’s about the King.

The King left a legacy unmatched by any other musician in history. His life, his memory, his music is celebrated across the country and across the world by dedicated and talented artists who pay him tribute.

These are the men (and women), adults and children, we know as ETAs.

The Heart of the King Awards was first held at the old Las Vegas Hilton.  It was founded in 2011 to honor a select few ETAs and festival producers that professionally and tastefully represent the life and legacy of The King. We especially honor  performers that demonstrate, on stage, off stage and in their daily lives, a respectful tribute and genuinely put the Heart of the King into every performance. The Concert portion of the event will give the award recipients a chance to showcase their talent for  all of us to enjoy.

Like the Academy Awards, past HOTK recipients are the only ones who can nominate future awardees. Our goal is for the Heart of the King Awards to become an annual “Oscar Ceremony” for the Tribute world.


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Tribute Promotions Celebrates Heart of The King Awards & Concert

Award Winning Elvis Tribute Artists to be Honored with Heart of The King Awards in Memphis, TN

TributeFestival.Rocks honors select tribute artists and producers who have dedicated their life and career paying tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time: the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

MEMPHIS, TN – June 14, 2021 – The Heart of The King Awards & Concert (HOTK), to be held on August 15, 2021, will honor select Elvis Tribute Artists and festival producers who represent the life and legacy of the King of Rock ‘n Roll in an authentic and professional manner. The event will take place at the Clarion Hotel and Suites & Conference Center in Memphis, TN as part of the IMAGES OF THE KING™ event, produced annually by TributeFestival.Rocks.

The event was relocated from Las Vegas, NV where it was first held in 2011, and since then a total of thirty awards have been presented. “We recognize and celebrate industry professionals who truly put their heart and soul into their Elvis Presley tribute”, commented Jason Sherry, Executive Producer and President of Tribute Promotions. To receive the prestigious award, potential recipients are evaluated on their genuine on-stage performance, as well as on their respectful portrayal of the Heart of The King off stage and in their everyday lives. 

This year’s ceremony features an exciting group of artists including Michael Chambliss, Tim E Hendry, and Diogo Light, who will receive the original Heart of The King Award, praising them for their professional and perfected tributes. Riley Jenkins and Moses Snow are to be presented with the Horizon Award, an honor specifically for those artists that show a promising future. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes artists who have been paying tribute to Elvis for decades and committed their life and career to him. The 2021 awards in this category will go to David Lee and Dan Barrella. Finally, Tribute Promotions will celebrate the Change of Habit tribute band with the Honorary Award to recognize their value and dedication to the ETA industry.  

“HOTK is like the Academy Awards where past HOTK recipients are the only ones who can nominate future awardees”, said Sherry. As a result, attendees can expect to see many of their favorite ETAs presenting this year’s awards. 2019 HOTK Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and presenter Irv Cass, shared, “It is truly an honor to have received this award and belong to a group of talented professionals who are dedicated to keeping the life, music, and memory of a true legend alive. He has touched so many people’s lives and continues to do so every day.” Upon receiving an award, recipients will showcase their talent and passion as ETA with performances to be enjoyed by the whole family. 

All-event passes, that include the HOTK Awards & Concert, are currently on sale for the IMAGES OF THE KING™ event taking place from August 11-15, 2021. Individual tickets for the HOTK Awards & Concert are also on sale. 

For more information and to purchase tickets to the event please visit https://tributefestival.rocks/images-memphis/ or call 1-888-406-5885.

About Tribute Promotions

Tribute Promotions is a Vermont-based company providing high quality tribute entertainment to audiences across the United States, Canada, and internationally on their annual Tribute Cruise. Their TributeFestival.Rocks series of events are most often three to four day festivals featuring internationally recognized acts that pay a respectful, genuine, and accurate tribute to some of the biggest legends in musical history, specifically the King of Rock ‘n Roll. Learn more by visiting www.TributeFestival.Rocks.

Previous Heart of the King Award Recipients:

  • Shawn Klush (2011)
  • Brandon Bennett (2011)
  • Bill Cherry (2011)
  • Trent Carlini (2011)
  • Dwight Icenhower (2011)
  • Ben Portsmouth (2013)
  • Justin Shandor (2013)
  • Dean Z (2014)
  • Ted Torres (2014)
  • Jay Dupuis (2019)
  • Ben Thompson (2019)
  • Mark Anthony (2019)
  • Michael Chambliss (2021)
  • Diogo Light (2021)
  • Tim “E” Hendry (2021)

Horizon Award for best new ETA Recipients:

  • Cody Slaughter (2011)
  • Tyler Hunter (2013)
  • Travis Powell (2014)
  • Cote Deonath (2019)
  • Taylor Rodriguez (2019)
  • Riley Jenkins (2021)
  • Moses Snow (2021)

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

  • Rick Saucedo (2011)
  • Doug Church (2013)
  • Garry Wesley (2013)
  • Johnny Harra (Posthumous) (2013)
  • Johnny Spence (Posthumous) (2013)
  • Orion (Posthumous) (2014)
  • Terry Collins (2018)
  • Irv Cass (2019)
  • Robert Washington (2019)
  • David Lee (2021)
  • Dan Barrella (2021)

Producers Award Recipients:

  • Johnny Stuart (2013)
  • Edward “Doc” Franklin (Posthumous) (2013)
  • Sondra Kay Lipps (2014)

Honorary Heart of the King Award Recipient:

  • “Party” Artie Dadyan (posthumous) (2019)
  • The Change of Habit (COH) tribute band (2021)